Get notified when enrollment opens for 2025!

IPN is now accepting applications for 2024!

Get notified when enrollment opens for 2025!

IPN is now accepting applications for 2024!


Participating in this program was by far the best thing I have done this year. It allowed me to immerse myself in material which I am passionate about and learn a cutting edge, evidence based curriculum. This isn’t material you learn in school; it is far more in depth. Lily is a wonderful teacher — thorough, practical and well researched. She put great care into crafting this program and ensuring a wonderful student experience.

Julia Powers MS, CNS, LDN, SPN

Cohasset, MA

The IPN program has an astounding amount of knowledge on prenatal nutrition — it will boost your practitioner confidence from competent to exceptional. Lily has poured her heart into this program and it shows. The time and care she devotes to each member of the group is unparalleled and also not available in any other program.

IPN has given me the tools to become a subject matter expert in the realm of prenatal nutrition and allowed me to deepen my understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and the growth and development of our future generations. This is a must-do!

Chelsea Leach, MS, RD, CSSD, SPN

Virginia Beach VA

If you’re looking for a comprehensive training and mentorship program in prenatal nutrition, this is it — I’ve been searching for something like this for years.

I came into the IPN program feeling pretty confident in my prenatal nutrition knowledge, but I really wanted to dive deeper into topics such as lab testing, preeclampsia, etc. I was very impressed by the depth of information we covered, but also loved how Lily can break it down in a way that’s easy to comprehend and apply in practice. An added bonus was getting to pick Lily’s brain during the Q&A calls, and also interact with other practitioners in the field and hear their questions and perspectives.

Coming out of this program, I 100% achieved my goals – I am more confident as a prenatal nutritionist, and I also have a network of like-minded practitioners that I can connect with if I have a question or a challenging case. I am so incredibly grateful for this program and could not recommend it enough!

Elizabeth Newton, RDN, SPN

Charlottesville, VA

Completing the IPN mentorship with Lily really took my client practice to the next level. We spent a lot of the mentorship diving deep into research, troubleshooting different case studies and learned ways to better support clients who might be experiencing a variety of symptoms in pregnancy. Having the ability to learn from Lily and the other practitioners in this mentorship was an incredible opportunity that I would highly recommend!

Katie Braswell, MSHN, RYT, HTMA, SPN 

Chattanooga, TN

I was thrilled when I heard Lily was going to do a mentorship program — I’ve been asking about one for a couple of years! She is an incredible wealth of information and I often look to her for advice, research, and direction on protocols with my clients. 

Simply being able to ask any question and pick her brain was such a valuable experience. The content provided offers a deep dive into all topics related to pregnancy and postpartum. It covers the research, the current recommendations, and how new data supports changing those recommendations. 

As a clinician, it gives you the tools to feel confident providing care for optimal results with your clients, not just base-level results. Again, the Q&A sessions and case studies were an incredible opportunity to dive even further and understand where the breakdown often happens in research vs. practice. 

No matter what your discipline, if you work with pregnant or postpartum clients, as well as those trying to conceive, this mentorship will enrich both your knowledge and change your practice. This is the future of providing optimal care and support for pregnancy. And its impact — as you’ll learn! — extends well into the health and well-being of both mom and baby. 

I can’t recommend IPN enough. Lily and her team have worked hard to provide an incredible program with rich content backed by research and with guest speakers that are the best in their field. The program was well worth the wait!

Britt Maughan, RD, SPN 

Knoxville, TN

Prior to enrolling in IPN, I had been a loyal longtime follower and fan of Lily’s. As a personalized nutrition practitioner with a master’s degree in nutrition with a passion for prenatal nutrition, I had read Real Food for Pregnancy, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes, and completed Women’s Health Academy courses, but having the opportunity to learn first-hand from Lily herself was absolutely invaluable.

The quality and quantity of science-backed information presented throughout IPN goes beyond what you would receive in a traditional educational program. It has truly been instrumental in enhancing my level of care and support for my pregnant and postpartum clients, and it has given me the confidence to take on more complex client cases that I may have not been comfortable with previously. I definitely feel confident knowing that I have a much greater knowledge base regarding nutritional needs and demands, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as specific lab tests to inquire about that may be overlooked by conventional medicine doctors.

My absolute favorite part of IPN was getting to know Lily on a more personal level and having the opportunity to engage in thorough conversations with the group as a whole. All of the practitioners were so different and came from various personal and professional backgrounds.
We all had unique experiences and knowledge to share with the group, which made every session so interesting and enjoyable.

I would absolutely, hands-down recommend the IPN certification for anyone that is interested in working with women who are pregnant, postpartum or trying to conceive. What Lily has created is so unique and incredibly invaluable, and I feel so honored to have been a part of the
inaugural class.

Carey Sherman, MS, SPN

Bethesda, MD

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How did IPN expand on your current knowledge of prenatal nutrition?
How has IPN helped save you time in your practice?
What was your favorite part about the IPN mentorship?
How does this program compare to a traditional college-level course?
How has the knowledge gained in this program affected your confidence in working with clients?
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What IPN Graduates Love Most About the Mentorship Program

Because we value honest feedback, we sent an anonymous survey as our students were nearing the end of the program, and this is what they had to say about their favorite part of the IPN Mentorship Program…

“Hands down, the best part has been learning directly from you and having you be so accessible, approachable and hands-on with teaching and interacting with us. I have learned so much from you, not only in terms of actual nutrition research data, but also hearing the multiple reasons behind your recommendations and guidance on how to share this information with our clients. It is truly the professional opportunity that I have always dreamed of.”

“I honestly enjoyed devoting time every week to deepen my level of knowledge on prenatal nutrition. If I had not done this program, I probably would not have read one research article or learned anything new in the last 3 months because I would find myself too busy with other things. I like that I was able to learn more on topics that I was familiar with but not very confident in such as folate/iron/b12 and lab values. I feel more confident making recommendations regarding these nutrients after taking your course.”

“I thought it was fantastic. There was SO much content — I literally printed everything out and put it in a binder like a textbook. I loved the Q&A calls. You were super accessible and responded to everything in the calls, chats, etc. Really enjoyed the program :)”

“I’ve loved how interactive everything has been. I think the layout of having lecture time combined with the Q&A call has been great!”

“My favorite parts about the IPN Mentorship were the Q&A and getting a direct line to Lily.”

“I also loved meeting the other participants, hearing their perspectives and firsthand experiences working with clients with certain conditions. Everyone has different personal and professional backgrounds, and it’s been so inspiring to hear their stories and learn from them as well.”

“Q&A Calls. I loved getting into some nitty / gritty topics, and found a lot of value when participants brought up tricky client cases / questions. This is where the program felt more like a mentorship vs. a course.”

“Just being able to pick your brain on the Q&A calls was awesome. We can all read research (even though it’s not my fave), and we can all take course after course – but your knowledge and experience is so invaluable.”

“My favorite part was the direct interaction with Lily. The more in-depth content provided absolutely made me a more competent practitioner / subject matter expert in the prenatal field.”

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