Get notified when enrollment opens for 2025!

IPN is now accepting applications for 2024!

Get notified when enrollment opens for 2025!

IPN is now accepting applications for 2024!

IPN Curriculum

The Institute for Prenatal Nutrition Mentorship Program is a 15-week comprehensive certification course in prenatal nutrition designed for health practitioners.

The curriculum of IPN has been carefully designed to prepare healthcare practitioners to best serve their pregnant clients. From calculating personalized nutrient needs, to developing meal plans for clients, to implementing protocols for preventing and managing pregnancy complications (and more!), The Institute for Prenatal Nutrition Mentorship Program will take your knowledge of prenatal nutrition to the next level. Participants who successfully complete all course materials earn the certification of Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition (SPN).

Become a Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition (SPN) and change the face of the pregnancy nutrition field with me!

Did you know?

We can do better for our pregnant clients. They’re literally counting on you — and so is the next generation. Better prenatal nutrition can influence not only a mother’s health, but her child’s lifelong risk of disease and metabolic dysfunction.

The Institute for Prenatal NutritionMentorship Program curriculum provides:

Topics Covered

The heart of IPN’s curriculum centers around in-depth
classes on the following topics:

Each week, participants will join Lily for a live Q&A call to further explore the class(es) from that week and discuss case studies.

Take your knowledge to the next level

The IPN Mentorship will take your practitioner knowledge of prenatal nutrition from competent to exceptional.

Chelsea Leach, MS, RD, CSSD, SPN

If you’re looking for a comprehensive training and mentorship program in prenatal nutrition, this is it — I’ve been searching for something like this for years.

Elizabeth Newton, RDN, SPN

How is the Course Delivered?

Here’s what’s included in the Institute for Prenatal Nutrition Mentorship Program to become certified as a Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition:

Dive into the research on individual topics in these 120 minute classes (slides included)

From complex clinical questions to business, it’s all on the table during these weekly Q&A calls with Lily

Connect and collaborate with IPN colleagues in our own private space (NOT hosted on Facebook, hooray!)

Get feedback and guidance on tough cases from your classmates and Lily

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and these assignments ensure you have mastered the material

Evidence-based information is the core of IPN’s curriculum, so each class includes a curated library of full text research articles

Even after the live program is complete, IPN Graduates will continue to have access to the main course content & recordings (class recordings and slides, research papers, and Q&A call recordings)

Participating in this program was by far the best thing I have done this year. It allowed me to immerse myself in material which I am passionate about and learn a cutting edge, evidence based curriculum. This isn’t material you learn in school; it is far more in depth. Lily is a wonderful teacher — thorough, practical and well researched. She put great care into crafting this program and ensuring a wonderful student experience.

Julia Powers MS, CNS, LDN, SPN

I was very impressed by the depth of information we covered, but also loved how Lily can break it down in a way that’s easy to comprehend and apply in practice. An added bonus was getting to pick Lily’s brain during the Q&A calls, and also interact with other practitioners in the field and hear their questions and perspectives.

Elizabeth Newton, RDN, SPN

Honestly I gleaned so much from the IPN mentorship as my background is midwifery. While nutrition has always been important in my practice, I feel this program will up my game!

Amy Burgess APRN, CNM, SPN

Program Structure

The Institute for Prenatal NutritionMentorship Program includes a mix of live and recorded classes as well as weekly live Q&A calls with Lily.

Live Classes & Calls

Several calls are devoted to case study presentations, one of which you will be required to present your final case study analysis to the group. You will know your case study presentation date ahead of time.

To get the most out of the program, we encourage you to attend the majority of the calls LIVE.

All calls are recorded, so If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, you can review the recording at a later time.

Live Classes (120 min): Mondays 10 am – 12 pm EST*

Live Q&A Calls (90 min): Thursday 10 am – 11:30 am EST*

Community Forum

Prior to our orientation call, you’ll gain access to our private IPN forum. You can post in the community at any time. This space is primarily for connecting with community members and collaborating on cases together; questions directed solely to Lily are best reserved for Q&A calls; however, Lily also checks the group several times per week to offer input.

There will be assigned reading, several small projects, and a final case study. Don’t worry; I loathe busy work as much as you do! All assignments have a clear purpose and applicability to your practice. Completion of all assignments by their respective due dates is required to earn your certificate as a Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition.

The time and care she devotes to each member of the group is unparalleled and also not available in any other program. IPN has given me the tools to become a subject matter expert in the realm of prenatal nutrition and allowed me to deepen my understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and the growth and development of our future generations. This is a must-do!

Chelsea Leach, MS, RD, CSSD, SPN

As a clinician, IPN gives you the tools to feel confident providing care for optimal results with your clients / patients, not just base-level results. Again, the Q&A sessions and case studies were an incredible opportunity to dive even further and understand where the breakdown often happens in research vs. practice.

Britt Maughan, RD, SPN

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

This comprehensive training is an investment of $9,999 when paid in full. There are payment plan options outlined on the application form.

How do I join the next cohort?

IPN’s mentorship program is application-only. The best way to be notified when IPN is accepting applications for the next cohort is to add your name to our waiting list. We hand select each class to ensure practitioners are qualified and prepared for this level of training.

Can health coaches or doulas join?

If you have additional education as a healthcare practitioner, you are more than welcome to apply. Given the level of material covered in the program, IPN is only accepting healthcare practitioners. Stay tuned for additional educational resources for non-clinical practitioners.

Does this program go into more detail than Lily's book(s)?

Absolutely. Not only does it go into more detail, but the mentorship program covers topics not addressed whatsoever in Lily’s books. Plus, you get a direct line to Lily for questions and guidance on case studies.

Can I purchase just a portion of the program (such as individual classes)?

No. IPN’s mentorship is intentionally designed as a comprehensive program on prenatal nutrition. If you are interested in topic-specific classes, without any personal interaction or mentorship with Lily, you can check out the webinars at the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy.

Does the program to into more detail than Lily’s webinars from the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy (WHNA)?

Yes! IPN cover topics that are not addressed in the WHNA library, such as twin pregnancies, preeclampsia, lab testing, and more. It also goes into more detail on topics that are more briefly addressed in WHNA webinars, and offers students the opportunity to apply the information they learned through assignments, case studies, Q&A calls with Lily, and in conversations in our private course forum. Many of our students have completed multiple WHNA webinars and still find that the IPN curriculum expands their knowledge and clinical confidence.

What topics do you cover?

Please see the list entitled “Topics covered” above.

Will I have email access to ask Lily questions directly?

The program includes weekly Q&A calls with Lily, which provides plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions. In addition, the community portal allows you to interact with fellow participants for clarification and professional insight from your colleagues. Lily will occasionally chime in within the community, but the place to ask questions directed to her specifically is the weekly Q&A calls. If you have a question you wish to ask of Lily anonymously, those can be sent over email and will be answered during Q&A calls; otherwise, please ask your question live during the call.

Can I get CEUs?

Although this program satisfies the continuing education requirements for many professionals, the program is not pre-approved for CEUs by any profession. Whether you can submit for CEUs will depend on your field and continuing education board regulations. We can’t guarantee approval for all types of practitioners, so we encourage you to reach out to your credentialing organization to clarify which types of activities they accept for credits.

That said, registered dietitians who enroll will be eligible to earn 45.5 CEUs for Lily’s book, Real Food for Pregnancy, at no additional cost. This CEU activity is only pre-approved for registered dietitians (via the Commission on Dietetics Registration) and requires successful completion of a post-test by May 11, 2027. If you are another type of practitioner, you’ll need to check with your continuing education board regulations.

How much time will I spend each week on the program?

Live classes are 2 hours long and live Q&A calls are 90 minutes long. You’ll need another 1.5-3 hours per week (on average) to complete assigned reading, several small assignments, and your final case study. This is a total of 5-6 hours per week. The more time you spend in the program and immerse yourself in the research, the more you’ll get out of it.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the program?

Yes, participants who complete all assignments and pass the final case study will receive a certificate of completion displaying “Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition.” IPN Graduates may also use the initial “SPN” after their name, to designate this specialty. Graduates are also added to our practitioner directory, where clients seeking well-trained prenatal nutritionists go to find a care provider.

Do I need to attend every live call?

Attending all live calls gives you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues and get direct support from Lily. Although you are not required to attend every class or Q&A live (and all of them are recorded), it is highly recommended that you do so in order to get the most out of this program.

What are the requirements for graduation and certification?

In order to graduate from the IPN Mentorship, earn your Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition (SPN) credential, and be listed on the IPN Directory, you will need to view all IPN classes and Q&A calls (live or recorded) and complete all assignments, including presenting your final case study live to the group. You will have until the end of the program (16 weeks) to complete all assignments, case studies, and presentations.

Will I have access to all materials after the program is complete?

As long as you complete all course requirements (see previous FAQ), you will continue to have access to the educational portal even after the program is complete (class recordings and slides, research papers, and Q&A call recordings from this round of the program). The private community forum will only be open for the duration of the program.

IPN Graduates will be eligible to continue in the IPN Alumni Membership, which provides ongoing access to an alumni community forum, monthly alumni calls (for case studies, guest speakers and more), and curriculum updates. 

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IPN is an application-only program that opens for enrollment once a year.